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Conquest propellers are fully CNC machined NiBrAl propellers that are available off the shelf and can be at your door in 7 days*. Manufactured better than S class and designed to perform.

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Delivery in 7 days*

Dealers and Stockists will enjoy incredibly fast delivery times for Conquest Propellers. Dealers will receive their order in less than 7 days* via air freight from Conquest factory stock. If a stockist near you has the propeller you may even be able to pick it up that very same day.

Fully CNC Machined

Conquest Propellers are fully CNC machined on all surfaces. This makes them the most accurate propellers in the replacement market. Complete CNC machining guarantees high performance and low cavitation on your blades. All propellers deliver better than ‘S’ class quality.

Stronger propellers, better performance, fast delivery

Conquest propellers were developed by leading propeller manufacturer, VEEM Ltd, specifically to meet the urgent needs of the replacement propeller market.

The Conquest range of propellers feature a unique mixture of traditional designs with fully CNC machined surfaces and are available in a wide range of sizes. On top of this, you can order a Fully CNC Machined Conquest Propeller now and you will receive it within 7 days*.


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High Strength Propellers

Conquest Propellers are manufactured using high strength NiBrAl (CU3) which is alloyed to the highest standards in house. Some models are also available in Bronze.

Proven Design

Conquest Propellers are designed using the proven, flat faced, mildly skewed blade profiles that ensure reliable performance across a wide range of applications.

Easy Bore Machining

Conquest Propellers are delivered with your bore and key size using tapers of SAE 1:16, 1:12, and ISO 1:10

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Conquest propellers are the highest quality option for boat owners looking to buy a replacement propeller for their vessel. Available in a wide variety of sizes and manufactured to exceptionally high qualities, Conquest propellers are a must-have addition to the catalogue of any professional prop shop in the world.

Conquest propellers have been priced competitively to meet the expectations of boat owners, but truly exceed those expectations when it comes to quality and value for money.

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