About Us

Conquest propellers have been developed by VEEM Ltd to offer the time critical replacement propeller market completely CNC machined propellers, off the shelf from our global stockists, or within 7 days* via air freight. This is a completely new product offering from VEEM, focused on off-the-shelf or very fast delivery of extremely accurate, reliable, replacement propellers featuring 100% CNC machining.

The existing VEEM branded bespoke propeller range continues to lead the market in high performance propeller manufacturing, exporting thousands of high quality and truly custom designed propellers around the world every year.

Based in Perth, Western Australia, VEEM supplies products internationally to clients who value quality and need confidence in what they receive. As a quality endorsed company, VEEM strives to achieve best practice in all functions of their business and to exceed customer’s expectations at every opportunity.

For more information about VEEM visit www.VEEM.com.au

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